User Experience

Content Strategy

Full-Stack Build

We know how important the user experience has become. And how people are looking for digital platforms to answer questions about investing.

With that in mind, we redesign Sicredi's website experience. Sicredi is a company that has started in RS with the Agro market and today is one of the largest banks in Brazil, with 114 credit unions, more than 1,700 branches across the country and more than 4 million members. 


We received a request to modernize Sicredi's digital environment. When we pass through the research and diagnosis phase, applying more than 200 questionnaires, besides usability issues, we also discovered that the banking language was too far from users to understand. 


Sicredi is a cooperative. Unlike traditional banks, it always returns part of the investment made by its members in development for the community. Participating in a cooperative system, the members are part of the company's results. Sicredi's business model is one of their big differentials and wasn't highlighted enough to caught news consumer's attention And that was our starting point for the new website concept. 

A complete challenge

Sicredi's members are a challenge by itself's. They are completely different from one end to another.   There's a little Grandpa from local Agrobusiness on one side and in the other we have a 20-something girl who lives in big cities and wants to buy an apartment. The audience range is huge - and we needed to talk to everyone.

All those adjustments needed to be done in parts, renewing the experience without taking down the portal, without breaking down the whole experience.


We use agile methods and every 15day sprint we build a new feature for the project. We start building a new interface that gives protagonism for the information. We big titles, clean space and an easy way to communicate with users, completely transparent and straight to the point.

The new project brings back Sicredi to the top of digital awareness, a place they have not being for a long time.

Sicredi has 3 main principles: be simple, be close and be active.
We make sure that they became design principles, and translate them to the user interface with clean and objective design, being close by the way to communicate and active giving feedback on every interaction that users made.

Always on beta

This is a project that has started 2 years ago, and we keep publishing new sections and evolving new features. We always keep an eye on data to bring new changes that make sense to the user or the business model