User Experience

Design Concept

Front-end dev.


We kept saying that, in addition to the result, the whole process should be enjoyable.

This case is the perfect picture of it. We were briefed to rethink the user journey of postgraduate courses from PUCRS and UOL ED / TECH distance education platform. The user's entire journey needed to be optimized, including usability, experience and lead capture. The site needed to gain a more premium look, make it easy to find information about the disciplines and renowned professors in the market.

Our mission included architecture information, design, and front-end development that was plugged-in by the client's development team. And we did it all in a totally Huia way.


We went to the field and met people who were looking for distance learning postgraduate courses to discover the real reasons they choose one or another distance education courses, what is really relevant to keep these people on the page? What catches the user's attention? With those discoveries, we established a persona and obtained the basis to plan the project safely.

We work with a multidisciplinary team, in a dynamic way that guaranteed a concise, complete and agile delivery.


To make sure that nothing was left behind, we worked with the atomic mindset, planning of all the interactive elements and designing the system, which allowed us to replicate everything with great agility. In addition, we use Storybook, an application that allows everyone to access the screens as they are published by the developers.

Besides the atomic mindset, this was the first project we did focused on Flex Container from the beginning. This style of coding is done in percentage, allowing the elements to adapt according to the size and format of the screen displayed. It brings a lot more fluidity to the page.