A digital studio focused on solutions.

To do so, we try to understand the context of things, collect information, formulate hypotheses, test them, collect more information and define and develop all the paths. 

We believe in the need to stimulate the inquiring mind of everyone who crosses our way.

Exchanging experiences and lessons motivates us. And, this way, we build together — team, clients, friends — to see the world in a different way.

We question old habits, rethink, simplify and restart to seek efficiency, agility, excellence. We evolve through search and value each step of the process.

What we are guided through


We project experiences, we don’t advertise.


We design flows and solutions, not screens.


Make an early attempt, make an early mistake, as early as possible.


Sharing knowledge makes us learn.


Agnostic technology.


Always together, always swift.

We were born in technology. We have evolved to design and strategy.

We are experts in experiences. We help people and brands transform. Websites, apps, e-commerce, products, or anything needed for your digital transformation.

What challenge do you want to share with us?


User Survey
Data Analysis
Content Strategy




User Interface Design

User Experience Design



Interactive Prototyping

Motion Design



Mobile / Desktop Apps

Artificial Intelligence

Progressive Web Apps

Native / Hybrid Apps

Cloud Setup

Virtual Assistant

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality



We believe in people to develop people.

Each area has a leadership always present in projects, guiding the team with the mission of assuring excellence, evolution and accomplishment.

Alessandro Cauduro CEO

Alessandro Cauduro

Graduated in Computer Sciences at UFRGS, he is a technology fan and relentlessly curious. He enjoys sharing his knowledge giving talks about innovation and mentoring at WOW, a startup accelerator. Ha has already tested all technologies before they were cool and his current passion is artificial intelligence.

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Bruno Alves Head of technology

Bruno Alves

Graduated in System Analysis and Development at UNISINOS. He has a 17-year experience in the Technology field. He has led teams in the development of financial/banking systems and communication vehicles, such as RBS and Editora Abril.

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Glaura Gonçalves Head of operations

Glaura Gonçalves

Passionate about the digital environment, Glaura’s mantra is the swift methods. Along her 15-year career, she was responsible for great brands, such as Lojas Renner, Bradesco and Chevrolet. In addition to being a partner at a women-exclusive tattoo studio.

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Caio Ogata Head of design

Caio Ogata

Passionate about interfaces, usability and games, he is the current leader of the creative team at Huia. Specialized in Creation at the ESPM Miami Ad School, Caio has over 15 years of experience.

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Guilherme Natorf COO

Guilherme Natorf

Master in Finances at FGV and Administrator at UFRGS, Natorf is as good at managing a company as making barbecue. He is the manager of his building, has already been a volleyball player and is Luísa’s father.

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